Monday, April 7, 2014

Why the Thought of Having a Child in America Makes Me Very Anxious

Look at this child. What do you see?

Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York posted this picture on his Facebook page on Saturday.

 He's an urban photographer who goes around taking snapshots of people, asking them questions and using the answers as captions.

His vignettes are some of the most inspiring things I have seen. The daily dose of wisdom provided by the people he photographs, reminds me that the world is indeed a beautiful place.

But quite often, I am reminded of just how ugly the world is.

Of course, there were an abundance of comments on just how cute this baby is. I mean look at him. But still, everything that is wrong with race relations in this country was demonstrated in the comments under this child's picture.

Because as a black person in America, you have to be perfect by normal (re:white establishment standards) to be acceptable. No such thing as innocent before proven guilty. Not even for a baby.  

 While we're at it, let's arrest him for public nudity if he ventures outside in his diapers and if ever he throws a toddler tantrum, he's most definitely proven himself to be a a violent criminal in the making.

Mr. Brownlie was shamed into deleting his comment,I believe. I participated gleefully in that shaming.

Because every mother who doesn't buy her kids clothes as Osh Kosh, is a bad mother.


This ^^^ left me scratching my head. How does his hand have gangster written allover it? Wuna helep me!

Am I the only one who was a little disgusted by how easy it was for so many people to look at a child with his hand on his chest and only be capable of thinking "He looks like he's about to slap someone?"

Who appointed you Minister of Finance? Abeg shiddon for down.

Because ALL black people are on food stamps and welfare yeah?

This one obviously did not read the comments.

You would know.

I would pour hot oil on this ones ^^^ genitals. God forgive me but I would.

This one too ^^^ Hot bleached palm oil.

So now he looks like what, exactly?

This is just a sample of the comments. The person below sums up my feelings on this.


  1. na waoh! too bad, so sad.

  2. Palava people dey this ground oh! That kid is CUTE!!!

    1. Jenny, that is what amazed me above all. That these people didn't seem to realize that this is a child. A baby.

  3. Those people crossed a line. I couldn't bear reading all the gibberish they decided to share with the world. It unfortunate that they couldn't see the innocence and potential in this wonderful little boy.

  4. what is wrong with these people? that little boy is someones child, i cant even imagine how his parents would feel reading these comment, he just does as his told and random people are disrepecting without even knowing his name. honestly this is heart breaking