Monday, March 3, 2014

When better people want talk...

Ish sef...

Clearly, some people don't know when to quit. Dencia doing what she does best.

Somebody, please make this girl stop talking.

On the other hand, as one of my favorite bloggers says, this is why we cannot have nice things in Africa.

How come some science department at some Cameroonian or Nigerian University has  not analysed this product to determine what it truly contains and what risks it poses, and then published a paper/released information to alert/inform the public?  Some high school pikin for America for done do am since. One thing I am certain of is this;  if some Swiss chemist came up with a skin lightening product which was effective within 2 weeks and completely risk free, I doubt he would partner with Dencia.

We say Dencia is hussling, and she is. The Cameroonian lady who stole $75M was husssling too! So was the one who sold expired medication and when questioned had the nerve to say the expired medication was only intended for people in Africa. This is the same lady who sold diluted cancer medication to dying people. So are the scammers we all know. Are we now defending their hussling?

Talk about #TheyWantCoshWe....

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